Milestone: Singles Album Art Went To Press


Album art for the multi-purpose “Singles” packaging went to press today, May 28, 2022.

In this modern age of streaming and digital downloads we are offering physical CD packaging with a mix of actual compact discs, digital download certificates and streaming codes — with a photo booklet loaded cool snapshots.

Fans love buying quality music and mercy. Musician love getting paid (along with the satisfaction that comes from knowing that another human likes something you’ve worked hard to create). In this age if streaming music a new record release event can be a little anti-climactic. Our approach is the other the old-fashioned album cover along with digital download certificates and credits. This approach benefits both fans and musicians:

  • Fans get a physical product they can hold in their hands.
  • Fans can play, download or stream music immediately depending on which package they buy.
  • Fans get a booklet loaded with interesting snapshots (reminiscent of the album artwork so popular on 12″ vinyl LPs back in the day)
  • Live and studio musicians are able to earn revenue at shows.
  • Studio musicians are able to earn revenue from online product sales.

This approach benefits both fans and musicians

There are two versions of the artwork:

  • One for the full-length album
  • A universal “Singles” package use for all single releases.

Notes About The Artwork

This records features a collaboration by high school classmates C. Scott Gilbert and Danny Sharrow, both of whom graduated from East Forest High School in northwestern Pennsylvania. This was the first band for both of them, and they’ve played music together on and off for decades.

The album art reflects this with snapshots of both players from their high school yearbook, photos from the road taken over the years, and a pennant from nearby Clarion University. Gilbert attended Clarion University. Both Gilbert and Sharrow have played gigs in the Clarion area to numerous to count.

The first version of The Singles artwork to go to press.

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