Radio 45 Releases “Born to Be Wild”

Those “masters of blasting the classics”, western-Pennsylvania-based rock band Radio 45, are at it again with their latest re-imagination “Born to Be Wild” — now available on over 130 streaming services including Apple Music, Spotify, iTunes and Amazon Music.

“Born” showcases the Sharrow/Gilbert bass guitar/drum kit lock-step formed early in life by the pair playing gigs together at age 15. Recording newcomer CHAZ, who’s guitar work attracted attention on the band last single “Some Kind of Wonderful”, gets let off the leash with “Born” and shreds a pair of guitar solos worth your time to hear. Rounded out by Gilbert’s B3 Hammond organ chops (with spinning Leslie in tow) and Sharrow’s soulful, powerhouse vocals, “Born to Be Wild” is a worthy re-imagination of a classic rock and roll staple.

Available now everywhere quality rock and roll is sold or streamed:

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About Radio 45

Radio 45’s mission is to get rooms moving and grooving to our sincere signature style of authentic Rock ‘n’ Roll. 

In the studio we capture music in motion. We record new music — and we breath new life into some of the best songs ever written.

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