Radio 45 (Live Video)

A Moment with Double-A

Radio 45 at the Hard Rock Cafe Pittsburgh, October 25, 2022

Radio 45 remembers one of rock’s guitar greats — Edward Van Halen — creating a signature concert “moment.” Tom Jackson would be proud. And so would Eddie. This is Radio 45’s tribute to Eddie Van Halen. (Vimeo Link)

Radio 45’s Aaron Greer creates a “concert moment” in Pittsburgh.

The Story Behind “Double-A” Reference

C. Scott “Scotto” Gilbert and Aaron Greer worked together a decade prior with the Aaron Greer Band. Known as “AGB” the band recorded two albums and secured global distribution through Infinity Records. They appeared on a variety of television and radio programs, and secured a Top 2 hit with a remake of U2‘s classic song “I Will Follow” — playing on more than 108 radio stations in 8 countries.

Throughout their time together Scotto has always referred to Aaron by the nickname “Double A” — and he introduces Aaron as “Double A” doing the show.


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