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Much of our studio work is focused on the best music recorded in the early days of rock-and-roll — over 50 years ago. Songs were created in the 1960’s era that got people moving: rock and roll, swing, rockabilly. We’re all about that. In fact, we’ve created an algorithm titled “The Danceability Matrix” to score the songs that make people want to move the most.

We re-imagine songs that score high with our Danceability algorithm to help them reach an even higher score. We test the result with live audiences week after week. When they love it — we record it. When audiences really love it — we make and release a record. 

We’ve assembled a collection of our most-loved western-Pennsylvania dance hall tunes, re-imagined, and are releasing them on a new record titled “Drop The Needle”. We can’t wait for you to hear it!

1.9 CSG 2022.06.05

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