Our Mission: Who We Are

A combination rock & roll band and science experiment from Western Pennsylvania.

Code name: O-Needers.

We make the music that moves you.


Radio 45’s mission is to get rooms moving and grooving to our sincere signature style of authentic Rock ‘n’ Roll. We’ve been  packing dance floors here in Western Pennsylvania for decades. Collectively, the musicians in our ranks have played to small rooms and and large — to audiences of 10,000 people — scored a Top 2 song (Sirius XM) — and sang the national anthem at a Pittsburgh Pirate’s game. With varied lineups sharing a common thread, we’ve played over 1,000 shows in western Pennsylvania. We’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly. We’ve been ripped off. Underpaid. We know well “it’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock and roll”. 

But every once in a while we get to play a really great show. We love crafting music. From Erie to Pittsburgh and beyond — we make the music that moves you.

The Danceability Matrix

Who We Are

As a working rock band we need to earn a living. Making money in the music biz is a notoriously difficult affair. The solution? Give people what they want. How do you achieve that? Science to the rescue! 

We’re all about creating music that makes you want to move. It’s who we are. Different factors go into making you tap your toe — or getting you out of your chair and onto a dance floor. These same factors drive a song’s listenability on radio or streaming services. We’ve turned these factors into an algorithm we call the “The Danceability Matrix”.

In the studio we re-imagine songs that rank well on our Danceability algorithm to help them reach an even higher score. We test these songs with live audiences at every gig — and we record the very best for the world to hear.

The O-Needers Corollary

Who We Are: The Oneders, The O-Needers, The Wonders

In the film Tom Hanks film “That Thing You Do!” band members Jimmy, Lenny and Guy “Skitch” Patterson looked to play shows at roller rinks, Youth for Christ jamborees, rock-and-roll shows in Steubenville, Youngstown and Pittsburgh — Western Pennsylvania— but they are fictional characters. 

Radio 45 is a real-world Wonders Band, just like in the movie “That Thing You Do!”

Radio 45 is the real deal. We’ve actually played at roller rinks and Youth for Christ jamborees.  We’ve actually played Steubenville, Youngstown and Pittsburgh. We’ve been there and we’ve done that — for real.

Our “Mr. White” is nowhere near as cool as Tom Hanks, but we all look good in shades. 

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