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DATELINE JUNE 20, 2022: Radio 45 is taking over the internet with an exceptional and surprising musical ideal: give the people what they want. Their recent release Some Kind of Wonderful is a re-imagination, but will give you goosebumps similar to the feeling of falling in love. Releasing everywhere on July 1st, you can catch the video for the song today on Vimeo. The band’s charmingly cool humor and personalities shine through their music — despite the struggles they’ve endured over decades of performing on stage.

They often use two terms, the “danceability algorithm” and the “listenability” in interviews. They don’t think of themselves as “rock stars” — and instead the focus on the pleasure of the audience. “Our goal is to pack a dance floor. Period.” This is uniqueamong today’s modern rock band wannabes — and just might bring the fame and popularity they truly deserve.

Their music has a gripping power that can make a live audience “move and groove” with musical charm. And they can also make someone’s heart melt who is listening to the song (or watching the video) while in a cozy room with a cup of tea. Radio 45 is a group of seasoned musicians spreading positivity with an authentic signature rock ‘n’ roll style.

To know more about their journey you can go to the band’s website — or watch them up close and personal on Facebook. Inspired by major rock bands like Journey and AC/DC they are re-imaging songs like Some Kind of Wonderful in a modern style that will deliver “groove vibes” and make you want to play the song on a never-ending loop.

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