How We Help Venues Make Money

"We're Smarter Than We Look"

We’ve been playing small rooms all over Western Pennsylvania for decades — and we love playing to a packed room. Smaller rooms are easier to pack. 😃

We’re musicians at heart — but we’re also trained marketing experts. Whatever the size of your event we can provide a number of different tools to help make sure your event with us is well attended.

  • We’ll Buy the Facebook Ads
  • We’ll Print Beautiful Posters
  • We’ll Send Emails To Our Mailing List (and Yours If You Like)
  • We’ll Provide a Radio 45 Standee for Your Doorway
  • We’ll handle Pre-Sale via Our Web Store

Wether you broke an event directly with our team or through representation, please reach out about things we might do together to build a following at your venue.


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