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Audio Sample: Born To Be Wild

Audio Sample: Some Kind of Wonderful

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Market History Report

Available upon request, our Market History Report details regions and venues the band has performed at over the last 20 years — focusing on the past year (2022).

The core musicians in radio 45 have played nearly every city in western Pennsylvania during that time — perform and have performed under a variety of names including CHAZ2, Ten point Ten, Aaron Greer Band, 121mercystreet and others — perfecting their craft and gaining a reputation as professional musicians — always dedicated to giving an audience their very best performance. From small rooms seating only a few dozen people to festival stages overlooking thousands — these musicians have seen it all.

Core media appearances include Good Morning Arkansas, the TCT Network, the Jim Bakker Show, Cornerstone Television and a variety of radio interviews — most recently with Wolf Rock Radio (July 26th, 2022).

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Our Mission: Who We Are

Our Mission: What We Do

Radio 45’s mission is to get rooms moving and grooving to our sincere signature style of authentic Rock ‘n’ Roll. We’ve been  packing dance floors here in Western Pennsylvania for decades. Collectively, the musicians in our ranks have played to small rooms and and large — to audiences of 10,000 people — scored a Top 2 song (Sirius XM) — and sang the national anthem at a Pittsburgh Pirate’s game. 

Radio 45 are huge fans of the 1996 Tom Hanks film “That Thing You Do!”

In the film band members Jimmy, Lenny and Guy “Skitch” Patterson looked to play shows at roller rinks, Youth for Christ jamborees, rock-and-roll shows in Steubenville, Youngstown and Pittsburgh. 

Radio 45 is the real deal. These guys have actually played at roller rinks and Youth for Christ jamborees.  They’ve actually played Steubenville, Youngstown and Pittsburgh. 

It dawned on this group of real western Pennsylvania musician that they are a true-life “O-Needers” band — and they set out to create a record under that name titled “There’s a Party Goin’ On”.

This is where the true focus for the band was formed, and the band’s “Danceability Matrix” algorithm was born.  Many great songs originally recorded in the early days of rock-and-roll — 1950’s through 1970’s — just don’t hold up on modern listening devices and streaming services. They can sound flat. They can be boring when compared to today’s hit music. It’s more than just re-mastering: today’s music is built using modern arrangements and captured via state-of-the-art recording techniques that these songs never had. Until now.

Many songs on the band’s upcoming record “Drop The Needle” are classic tunes re-imagined for the modern listener. The band strives to honor the original feel of each song, while introducing modern components that today’s listener has come to expect.

A lot more information is available on the band’s web site at www.radio45.net.

More About The “Danceability Matrix”

Different factors go into making you tap your toe — or getting you out of your chair and onto a dance floor. These same factors drive a song’s listenability on radio or streaming services. We’ve turned these factors into an algorithm we call the “The Danceability Matrix”.

In the studio we re-imagine songs that rank well on our Danceability algorithm to help them reach an even higher score. We test these songs with live audiences at every gig — and we record the very best for the world to hear.

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