With the Digital 45, Radio 45 Turns Rock Innovation Up To 11

Radio 45 is all about the classics: classic music, classic style, the classic experience.

While you can get vinyl records pressed in 2022, the classic 45 RPM vinyl record we knew in the early days of rock & roll is no longer being manufactured. Even CDs (compact discs) are slowly going the way of poodle skirts, sock hops, and hula hoops.

In this age of digital downloads, what are we to do?  Science to the rescue! 

The new Digital 45 created by the band Radio 45.

Radio 45 has developed a new Digital 45 that mimics the old style 45 record and the compact disc. It allows the owner to immediately play, own, add and download songs into their personal libraries. The new Digital 45 contains encoding so the sale can be tracked, royalties can be paid to the proper people, and a record of the transaction gives proof-of-purchase to the buyer.

Designed to look like an old-style 45 record,  and at the size of a compact disc, the Digital 45 slides into tradition CD case packaging which is the norm today. It features a scannable QR code that works with your smart phone’s camera. Scan, tap, click and listen.

Radio 45 is all about the classics: classic music, classic style, the classic experience.

Radio 45 band members Sharrow and Gilbert signing Digital 45 product packaging in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

For the audio aficionado three different file formats are included: MP3, 44.1 KHz 16-bit .WAV file and 48k High Definition .WAV file.

The band is also releasing a limited number of compact discs later this year.

Having technical difficulties with your Digital 45? The technology is new and some smart phones are smarter than others. The band has established a new Technical Support Page to field questions from fans having trouble with the new technology.


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